Fragrance is the Final Layer of Design

A room or space can look sensational in terms of design and overall harmony, but if it smells less than perfect, you could lose the entire design impact. We have all walked into a home that just didn’t smell fresh. Active family members, pets, everyday cooking, and even changes in the weather can all affect the scent of a home.

A fresh, clean, fragrant interior can add so much to the design and the mood. A pleasing fragrance will make a room more inviting.

A new interior naturally smells fresh, but older homes can be more challenging. Years of dust, people, and animals leave a lasting effect. Odor, although sometimes mild, may accumulate in fabrics and porous surfaces.

Scent Options for Home

Today’s market gives homeowners many options for adding great scents to the air. There are a variety of synthetic fragrances that can have a wonderful effect on a space. Quality candles, plug-in fresheners, and special air conditioning filters all work to help clean the air. Natural fragrances can be introduced through real plants, which even help to clean the air. Fresh flowers also add some fragrance.

Keeping A Clean and Good Smelling Home

To really solve the problem, though, home maintenance will help. Vacuuming upholstery and draperies periodically makes a big difference, as does sweeping pet hairs out of the home. Mopping tile removes a lot of particles that you may not see with the eye. Special sprays can be applied directly to fabrics that will not only remove odors, but help ward off new smells from attaching to the fibers. Many websites now carry earth friendly sprays that are free of harsh chemicals.

Using Fragrance Lamps

Finally, one of the very best things you can do to make your home smell fabulous is to use a fragrance lamp made especially for that purpose. These oil lamps not only add magnificent scent, but they take away odor and purify the air. Fragrance lamps are more expensive than candles and sprays, but they make a huge different in how you live. They also make great gifts for friends and relatives. They are available in beautiful containers of glass, brass, and other materials, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

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