Full-Scale Interior Designing

Philadelphia and Main Line based-firm specializing in full-scale residential interior design. With 23 years of experience, Arlene knows what it takes to be a successful designer. With her sophisticated taste and timeless approach to design, Arlene’s style exudes class, flare, balance, and harmony—all grounded in her impeccable attention to detail. Arlene’s personal and holistic approach is deeply influenced by her appreciation for culture, art history, and many years of study at Moore College of Art & Design.

Arlene surpasses so many others in her field due to her approach: listening, understanding, collaborating, envisioning, and executing. Arlene gets to know and understand her clients and their unique vision by asking unique, meaningful questions and really listening. She patiently invests in her clients upfront, collaborating, getting to know them, looking at pictures, options for style, listening to stories, and understand their lifestyle. This allows Arlene to accurately envision what will make each unique client happy and how to convert their living space into something truly stunning yet soothing and inviting. Then she executes the plan down to every precise detail.

Arlene attended Moore College of Art to study interior design and studied art at the Barnes Foundation for three years and became a docent. She took sculpting classes for several years from a well-known artist from Holland and sculpted a figure, and won 2nd place in the juried art show. Being part of the Barnes' Friends, she always traveled to museums to study special art displays.

Arlene Achievements

  • Houzz- Won 4 consecutive years
  • Won award among 20 best designers in Philadelphia 2016
  • Taught in elementary school for five years

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Usually, a face to face meeting at the project location is best. I will want to hear about your interests in the project and your goals.

Why does a Designer ask me if I have a budget?

Most designers ask this question to know what path to take when looking at furnishings, lighting, appliances, construction changes, etc. A designer cannot design without a budget, so if you need help figuring one out, we can work together to accomplish that.

How do I know if it is appropriate for me to hire a Designer?

Most of us desire the pleasure that comes from living in beautiful spaces. A professional designer can create that for you by bringing expertise from education, experience, skill, and professional affiliations. If you hire a professional designer, you will get creative solutions and the ability to put it all together, coupled with a trained eye for scale, proportion, and flow. This culminates in designed spaces that you truly love to be in.