Greenery Brings the Outside In

Designing with greenery can help bring the outdoors in and evoke calmness in our interior spaces. The color alone adds a sense of serenity to a space.

Initially, we have to choose between live or manufactured greenery. Although most of us would prefer real greenery over imitation, there are several things to consider when deciding between real or artificial plants.

Real Plants

Live plants help clean the air and add to a healthy environment. They can also add fragrance. There are however, three things to bear in mind before going live.

  1. Live plants can attract insects to the indoors
  2. Live plants can cause water damage to floors and surfaces if containers leak or crack
  3. Certain live plants can be toxic to family pets and to small children

If you decide to go with the real thing, monitor your plants for insects on a regular basis. You should do your research before purchasing live plants to be certain pets and children will be guarded from plant toxins. Also, place plants on surfaces that will not be ruined if the water leaks out or overflows. Choose quality containers and check them periodically for cracks and leaks. You may want to consider using decorative plates under your containers to catch extra water.

Artificial Plants

Try to select artificial plants that look as close to the real thing as possible. Purchase the best you can afford. Good looking artificial plants will add to the peaceful impact of a space.

Stay away from artificial plants that are variegated, meaning they have a white line running through the leaves. These plants never look natural or high quality. Variegated leaves are almost always a clear sign that plants are not the real thing.

Do keep in mind also that artificial plants will attract dust, so they require frequent maintenance.

Use Your Plants for Depth and Interest

Create a sense of depth and interest with trees and plants by layering them behind chairs, sofas, and tables. Use them in nooks and corners to fill the space and add texture and dimension.

Display a group of three plants – in a variety of sizes – in an entryway for a welcoming effect.

Whether you choose real or artificial plants, go for quality and safety, and let their healing and calming qualities be an important part of your overall interior design.

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