How to Pair Colors Like a Pro!

Hi everyone,   Color can be an adventure – an incredible discovery in learning about yourself. Which color makes you feel comfortable when you are surrounded by it? Or which color makes you want to leave a room as soon as you walk into it? Color is a personal thing. It reflects who we are to ourselves and to those around us. It is an outward expression of our inner identity. This is why it is important to choose colors that feel true to who we are.   Combining colors is often a challenge for our homeowners. We are asked which color goes nicely with my brown sofa? How do you add color to a blue room? Check out how these following tips will give you confidence to add the right hues to your home.

Know The Three Basic Color Schemes

Monochromatic – colors with the same hue but different values (brown and taupe; two shades of blue)  

Analogous – colors that are next to each other on the color wheel and thus similar (green and yellow; red and purple). Rooms can use three analogous colors for more excitement, like green, yellow, and orange. A subtler, more sophisticated analogous combination could be yellow-green, yellow, and orange-yellow.  

Complementary – color-wheel opposites. Complementary colors give the most contrast and are exciting to the eye (orange and blue; red and green)

Take a Cue from Mother

Mother Nature, that is! Colors that are found together in the great outdoors are also beautiful when combined in the home. Think of a light blue sky paired with silvery white clouds. Or a forest with its combination of greens mixed with tree bark brown. If it’s pleasing in nature, it’ll be sure to please you inside, as well.

Look to Your Closet

Think about the color combinations you enjoy wearing. What accent colors do you add to your outfits? Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says, “If you look and feel good with those colors on, you’ll like them surrounding you.”    When adding new color to your home, remember to stay classic with your largest, most expensive pieces. That way, when you choose to make any changes later on, you just need to switch out small accessories and other inexpensive items. Easy!   Ultimately, you are the expert when it comes to what feels good and feels right to you. Above all else, be true to yourself! Remember we are always here to help you. We can come into your home and specify colors of paints, fabrics, carpets, window treatments, etc. with samples.

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