Should I Hire a Designer… or Not?

How do you know if hiring a designer is your best option? One of the first things you will want to do when planning a new design project is determine your priorities.

Number the items below (1 – 9) in order of your priority: 
___ Function
___ Service
___ Installation
___ Design
___ Quality
___ Warranty
___ Color
___ Cost
___ Convenience

If any of these items are of top interest to you, using a design consultant or interior designer will give you the best value. A professional can help you make decisions and work within your budget.

Benefits of using a professional designer:

  • We know in which order decisions need to be made regarding lighting, wiring, plumbing, fabrics, and furniture, and can actually help to avoid unnecessary expenditures by making sure that needs are met and no errors are made along the way.
  • A designer’s job is to keep abreast of the latest products and trends and to think creatively about how to use them.
  • Your consultant takes responsibility for measurements and labor, so that if there are any mistakes or flaws, you don’t have to fix them yourself.
  • Experienced designers can tell you if a certain choice will cause future problems, thus eliminating potential headaches.
  • Installation is taken care of by a skilled installer.
  • Talented designers will come up with ideas that you’ve never even dreamed of!
  • A good designer will bring a clear sense of color, proportion, and line to a home.
  • We have access to the finest fabrics and furnishings, much of which isn’t available on the retail market.
  • We can get stuff made specifically if we’re not finding what we want.
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