Small Bathrooms with Great Feng Shui

Bathrooms have the worst reputation in feng shui, and especially so the small bathrooms. Is it true, though? Is your small bathroom doomed to have bad feng shui? Absolutely not! Let me show you 5 beautiful bathrooms with really good and inspiring feng shui energy.

Warm Blue in the Bathroom
The stunning blue color in this tiny bathroom is just magnificent! Plus brass accessories and dark wood, all is kept simple and so warm and inviting. One of the rare cases when blue color actually feels warm. Notice how the bathtub is painted the same color as the wall and the radiators – all creating a more expanded space.

An Energized Bathroom
Here’s a great and easy way to energize a small, blah-feeling bathroom with bright color and crisp details. You have fresh white color pendants, beautiful oval mirrors in black frames and “His” and “Hers” bright art. The stunning choice of faucets completes and grounds the energy very nicely in this bathroom.

Art Gallery in the Bathroom
The dark color walls and a variety of art placed in the gallery style, plus a colorful rug, make this into a bathroom to remember!

Nature Accessories
Bright nature accessories and natural tones make this bathroom feel fresh and warm at the same time. All the textures and shapes work very harmoniously to create a sense of crisp freshness in this bathroom.

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