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CEO Arlene Bobb has been an innovative force in the Interior Design field for over 20 years with Arlene Bobb Interior Design (formerly Designing Woman Interiors). With her sophisticated taste and timeless approach to design, Arlene’s style exudes class, flare, balance, and harmony—all grounded in her impeccable attention to detail. Arlene’s personal and holistic approach is deeply influenced by her appreciation for culture, art-history, and many years of study at Moore College of Art & Design.

asid-logoMember of the American Society of Interior Designers East. The PA East Chapter of ASID is the region’s definitive resource for knowledge sharing, advocacy of interior designers’ right-to-practice, professional education and the development of interior design markets.

Arlene surpasses so many others in her field due to her approach, which is to listen > understand > collaborate > envision > execute. Through asking unique, meaningful questions, and really listening, Arlene gets to know and understand her clients and their unique vision. She patiently invests in her clients up front; collaborating, getting to know them, looking at pictures, ideating on approach options, listening to stories, and understand their lifestyle. This allows Arlene to accurately envision what is going to make each unique client happy, and how to convert their living space into something truly stunning, yet soothing and inviting. Then she executes the plan down to every precise detail.

Fueled by Arlene’s leadership, Arlene Bobb Interior Design provides full-service residential interior design services throughout Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s prestigious “Main Line”, and the surrounding areas of the region. From the initial meeting with Arlene to the realization of your dream home, Arlene and her team will help realize every aspect of the collective vision—flooring, layouts, luxurious lighting, finish schedules, lush draperies, to hardware, furniture, dining crystal, and home accessories. They’ll help you explore myriad lifestyle and interior design options, while leveraging state of the art technology—and all prior to beginning your project. This mindful, modern, proactive approach, will save you time, give you peace of mind, and can save you thousands of dollars.

To this day Arlene’s referral business proves to be the greatest measure of ABDI’s success. One reason is that Arlene, to the benefit of her clients, is constantly expanding, learning and pushing the boundaries of interior design. However, Arlene also has a gift for inspiring those around her – clients and staff alike – to create and envision their own sophisticated style of living. This consistent innovation, pushing the limits of interior design, and ability to lead and inspire others, is what makes Arlene Bobb Interior Design simply best-in-class.

Meet Arlene

With over 20 years’ experience in residential interior design, Arlene is an award-winning designer and sculptress. A graduate of the Moore College of Art & Design, memberships include the ASID, International Furniture and Design Association (IFDA), and WFCP. Arlene Bobb was among the few designers in Philadelphia selected to participate in the Evening of Elegance at the Marketplace Design Center in 2006 showcasing her design talents. Arlene became a docent at the Barnes Foundation in 2002 after studying in a 3 year program. Her experience as the manager of a retail design chain and then director of sales for the company, has taught her to set and achieve goals to satisfy clients. She has the same philosophy now with her own company.



  • BARNES FOUNDATION Docent  (Dr. Barnes impressionism)
  • Expertise to give tours throughout the museum.(2002)
  • 3-1 year courses learning museum collection , color, design.
  • Moore college of Art
  • Sculptress Won 2nd place Juried Art Award
Proud points
  • Terry Taylor – Interior Design Coach. Attended Design Summit in San Diego Nov. 2014, Phoenix 2013
  • November 2014: Condo staging for realtors (furniture, accessories, changed carpet, paint, repairs)
  • Works with the finest Contractors at Symphony House. Arlene “staged ” house sold in 3 WEEKS.
  • Board Member American Cancer Society – 14 yrs
  • Lynn Saligman League (CHOP)

Arlene is gifted in her ability to communicate, carefully listen to, get to know, and truly understand those she works with. More so, her ability to take this understanding and then expresses her client’s personalities and vision through the design of their homes, is not only impressive, but invaluable to achieving unparalleled success.

Client Testimonials

“I think what impresses me most is Arlene’s ability to adapt her art to fit my personality and needs. Indeed this is her great talent….”

Margy P., Berwyn, PA

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“Walking out the door and leaving you and your team to do your magic, made this process easy and pleasurable.” “We wanted to thank you for the awesome job you and your team did staging our home and preparing it for sale. We have lived here over 25 years and our home never looked so nice. Somehow, you made it beautiful to look at and kept it comfortable to live in. You were very easy to work with and the team you brought with you were nice, professional, reliable and trustworthy. Walking out the door and leaving you and your team to do your magic, made this process easy and pleasurable. The only regret my husband and I have, is that we did not know you could do such an amazing job for such a reasonable price. We would have done this years ago and enjoyed it ourselves! As we take this next step in the downsizing process, we will definitely call you to decorate and design our new home. Thanks again” Hermine & Larry March 8, 2015

“Arlene Bobb is an exceptionally talented interior designer…”

“Arlene Bobb is an exceptionally talented interior designer with extraordinary professional, people, and business skills. Professionally, her passion as a designer, coupled with her innate talents and attention to detail, manifests itself in her work product which is impeccably executed.

“Arlene’s people skills are evident in her congeniality, respect for her client, and insistence on incorporating the client’s input and individuality into the essence of the project. She gives 100% of her time and attention to her client and the project at hand. Added to these traits are Arlene’s dignity and composure which enable her to resolve problems with grace and calm.

“From the business perspective, Arlene is extremely organized and manages efficiently and expeditiously to get the job complete without stress and anxiety.

“Personally, this past year with Arlene Bobb has been such an exciting, enjoyable, and worthwhile experience that I would love to share my thoughts and feelings with other prospective clients.”

Julia, Ardmore, PA

“As soon as I opened my front door her first words were ” I love your Decorator “

“You will be pleased to know I showed my home today to a prospective resident. As soon as I opened my front door her first words were ” I love your Decorator “. All I know Celeste and her husband come from Society Hill. Their children are in college out here. She was looking at # 215 & # 234 ( the unit above me). Celeste is lovely and fun, eager to join us at Anthony’s. Hope they buy.”

“Arlene, you are not only an AWESOME decorator but a wonderful person to work with. Sensitive to clients needs and attentive to every detail. Your work truly speaks for itself.”

Julie, Pembroke North, # 224

“Arlene is first and foremost an artist. …she is a nice person, someone you will be glad to know…”

“Arlene is first and foremost an artist. Her ideas are unique and result from a careful scrutiny all the aspects of the job at hand. she blends the newest of the new with the traditional, with a very pleasing result. I think what has impressed me most is her ability to adapt her art to fit my personality and needs. Indeed this is her great talent.

“I know you will be delighted with her, for on top of her abilities, she is a nice person, someone you will be glad to know.”

Margy P., Berwyn, PA

“(Arlene) is flexible and easy to work with…”

“It is my pleasure to serve as a reference for Arlene Bobb’s firm Arlene Bobb Interior Design.

“Arlene is the consummate professional. She is organized, responsive, and follows through on the requests of her clients. Arlene is willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure client satisfaction. She has excellent taste and presents a diverse range of decorating options but always gives the client the ability to choose what that want and need. She is flexible and easy to work with. Arlene is making our move into the Corinthian both exciting and fulfilling. I highly recommend her services.”

Barbara S., Bala Cynwyd, PA

“I couldn’t afford to buy additional furniture right now and I wanted the room to be arranged into two areas. …”

“I am pleased to comment on the work you did on the living room, kitchen, hall and stairs in my condo: Arlene had decorated my close friend’s condo and I was very pleased with the results. I contacted Arlene to ask her if she would help me redesign the large living room in my condo. I’d inherited some furniture from my parents and I had a few pieces of my own. I told her I wanted to use everything, I didn’t want to get rid of anything, I couldn’t afford to buy any furniture right now and I would like the room to be arranged into two areas: an area for entertaining and another area for computer work and paying bills. (I have two desks.) I asked that neither desk face the wall.

“Arlene created the two areas in my living room that I had requested in a most interesting and wonderful way. She made the areas look very spacious and extremely attractive. She also hung my pictures in very artful groupings, in not only the living room but also in the hall, stairway and kitchen. It is elating to be on the top floor of my condo.

“I highly recommend Arlene as a designer. She did her work in a very creative way but at all times stayed within the limits I asked of her (see above), within 4 hours, a very reasonable amount of time considering the amount of furniture I have. One of her great strengths, besides being artistic and easy to work with, is her ability to carry out the wishes of the owner.”

Kate V., Newtown Square, PA

“Arlene’s ideas are great! Her formal artistic training, coupled with her decorative and communication skills, add up to a successful home decorating partnership experience. …”

“Arlene’s ideas are great! Her formal artistic training, coupled with her decorative and communication skills, add up to a successful home decorating partnership experience.

“I have been fortunate to have had the benefit of Arlene’s expertise on three occasions. The first was immediately after I moved into my condo and needed window treatments. Arlene enthusiastically dealt with this modest decorating need, even though there were many more issues requiring attention, and I was very pleased with the results she achieved.

“The second experience occurred about a year later when I decided to paint the major part of the house: living room, dining room, and kitchen. Again, Arlene helped to create areas in my home that are beautiful as well as comfortable, rearranging existing furniture and art.

“Two years later, I decided to change the flooring in the living room, dining room, and kitchen and redecorate my bedroom. I knew exactly who to call. The result is spectacular!

“Arlene is easy to work with and a pleasant person to be with. She is extremely talented and responsive to client needs. Anyone would be lucky to have Arlene as a decorating partner.”

Ruth P., West Chester, PA

“How do you do it? How do you make a client feel like a queen moving into a palace? Caringly and competently. … With your knowledge, experience, and flawless taste, I know I can’t lose. …”

“Leaving home I’ve lived in for nearly twenty-eight years isn’t easy, particularly when I’m leaving alone. Even moving to a new luxurious condominium wasn’t enough to offset the sadness and disorientation I was experiencing. There were too many unpleasant decisions to make about the dismantling of my home and too many challenging questions about various aspects of my future residence. When people asked me if I was excited about moving, I couldn’t even feign enthusiasm. It seemed perfectly fitting that the weather was miserable the night the Corinthian had its first official get-together for its current buyers. I almost didn’t go. Only curiosity about my future neighbors motivated me to attend. And, I’m so glad I did because that’s where I met you, my fairy godmother. Though you’re much younger and more elegant than ‘Dorothy’s Good Witch’, in many ways, your powers are the same. You have transformed my ordeal into delightful project. With your input about what I should take and what I should supplement, I knew how to proceed. Your ideas for placing furniture are more than just sensible; they are stylish and satisfying. When you talk about fabrics and colors, your genuine appreciation of quality and beauty is contagious. I would have to be made of stone not to feel your delight as a piece of furniture with the right dimensions, color, design, and texture emerges–or as a room with furniture, floor coverings, and window treatments takes shape.

“How do you do it? How do you make a client feel like a queen moving into a palace? Caringly and competently. It is not an accident. You obviously make a special effort to get to know your client’s needs, budget, priorities, and stylistic preferences. With your knowledge, experience, and flawless taste, I know I can’t lose.

“When I’ve been hesitant about a particular suggestion, you’ve always found an alternative that had my approval, if not my blessing. During the past few months I’ve been working with you, I’ve observed there is no such thing as impossible. If one idea doesn’t pan out, an even better one materializes. The most exciting moments are those when you announce the location of an illusive fabric or carpet or the solution to an annoying problem. You’re like the winner of a lottery. How wonderful that you should care so much!

“Every time I know you are coming over to discuss the decor of a room in my condo, my spirit soars. I can’t wait to get home. No matter how tired I am after a long day of work, the time we spend together is enlightening, productive, and fun!

“I feel as though you’ve given me a pair of ruby red shoes to help me accompany you down the ‘yellow brick road.’ The closer we get to the unveiling of the rainbow, the more convinced I am of your wizardry. I feel confident that my condominium will not only reflect a harmonious compilation for my old life and my new–but serve as a relaxing retreat and an exciting launching pad for the next stage of my life.

“Your expertise, talent, creativity, flexibility, reliability, warmth, and charm are just a few of your winning traits that make you a pleasure to work with and a joy to know. Thank you ever so much for your impeccable guidance, growing friendship, and 100% discount on my custom made ruby red shoes.”

Alexis F., Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Arlene Bobb has helped us envision the bathroom redesign.”

Project has been designed but construction has not started as yet. Arlene Bobb has helped us envision the bathroom redesign. Her knowledge of materials, of suppliers, allowed us to find and meet our goals in the design. Arlene listened to our desires and then turned those into a design that we all think works! Now, we are ready to see it completed. The contractor is to begin work in the next two weeks.

Bruce R., Ambler, PA